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Becoming Compost - A Changing World

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Hello, my dear loves. What an unprecedented time we find ourselves in history. I have intentionally been silent from my regular monthly Soul Messages because I felt I was being asked to throw myself in the compost pile, which included my business offerings, and see what developed out of that. Now that I see clearly we are ALL being asked to do this, and because there is so much fear coming up, I feel I need to break out of my silence and offer some ongoing tools and support. We're in this together, and I'm open to any requests folks have. We will create what is needed together as we go.

As we adjust to this initial wave of uncertainty, there is much energy being kicked up, chaos, fear, and a question of what to do with ourselves. I myself have been spinning around the house. Do I pot those plants, work on my puzzle, play guitar, go for a walk, crank the music and dance, fall down and cry, watch a movie, etc. We tend to spin when we are unmoored from schedule and predictability. Glennon Doyle has a saying "do the next right thing." So you don't have to have all the answers at once, just ask yourself: what is the next right thing, in this moment? An answer will come when you get quiet and ask. The stillness underneath the busyness of the mind will help guide you forward. After all, this great collective journey we find ourselves on, is the journey from the head to heart.

Let's first look at an overview of what is happening. Whether conscious or not, we have known this was coming. The world has not been sustainable for a long time. We are not meant to live a life focused on profit over purpose. We have become lethargic and apathetic as we are routinely pushed through the conveyor belt of life (as it has been set up in a masculine-dominated, left-brain, linear way) here on earth. I've spoken in previous messages about the rise of the feminine, and in January, I said that the feminine (the genie in the bottle) has been released, and she's not going back in. I didn't anticipate just how fierce she would be, but here we are. Kali does not mess around. In order for us to rebuild, there has to be a breakdown, and folks, that breakdown is finally here. We can no longer be asleep to the fact that we are all one. Our neighbors are ourselves, and how we treat others is how we treat ourselves. It's a circle, not a straight line. Everything we do comes back to us, and there is no hierarchical ladder that gets us out of this truth. We are seeing external evidence of this now as we realize how interdependent we are, and have been. One countries decisions effect another country, and all of her beings. So there has to be a major shakedown in order for us to collectively to wake up and see all of this. A new structure cannot be built atop an old foundation. We have to take it all down to the studs, leave only what works and is necessary, and leave the rest. This is the great time of weaving together the masculine and feminine, letting both voices be heard, and coming into balance.

Now let's look at that on the smaller, internal scale. We as beings on this planet have to do the same internally. Like I said we've been circling this territory for a long time, but we often we need a 2x4 to the head to be willing to make change. So as scary as this all is (and in no way do I intend to minimize the very real severity of this crisis), in some ways this is a beautiful gift from the mother herself. She is asking us to look at what is important and valuable in our lives, as opposed to what we have just been doing out of routine or because we were "suppose to". There is no "suppose to" anymore. We are being allowed to be with our families: to cultivate the true connection, community, and collaboration we have been wanting. Just using my own experience as an example, my daughter has no school for a least a month and half, with no online learning being provided. In order to support her, and all of us in the house, I suddenly realized we need to set up art and music areas to help keep her engaged in something. In other words, we need to create structure on our own, that suits our needs. Other parents may find something different more important, but those values rose up in me right away. This crisis taught me already what I value. What's important here, is that we've been depending on a structure that was created for us, and this is why it isn't working: it never included US, as we are on an individual level. We get this time, quite literally, to s l o w d o w n, as we are forced to stay home and be with ourselves. Life as meditation so to speak. Honor it with all of it's learning curve. You deserve to know who you are. Take this time to allow the lessons to bubble up.

The other brilliant benefit is that we're talking more, engaging in real ways. We're working as a team in ways we haven't before. Everyone gets a seat at the table, everyone's opinions matter. And I foresee the way we will rebuild our planet is with that value in mind. The top-down approach hasn't worked, governing from above. We need to move towards a bottom-up approach, including and valuing everyone's needs and expertise. And again, like I've said before, the masculine structure without the wisdom of the feminine equals unwise, unstable building. So this whole breakdown allows for all of that wisdom to now be included. How can we make technology work for us? How can we create freedom and choice in education? How can we make choices that include all the people of the planet as a species, not as what is good for me without thinking about the impact on the other.

I'll be doing more videos, offering guided meditations, chanting, energy healing, channeling, etc. as we move through this. And please offer requests or specific needs if you have them. What you need is what others need as well, so I want to include everyone in the creation of my offerings. For now, here are some tools you can use to stay sane and keep yourself and your family well.

House clearing — Things are about to jankety, y'all. With everyone sequestered at home, the energy of your home is about to real. And if you've never noticed it, you most certainly will now. Some house clearing options include: sage, candles, chanting, drumming (if you don't have a drum you can literally go around the room and clap to break up the stagnation), laughter, dance, music, opening the windows, and physical cleaning, of course.

Meditation — This could not be more important right now. There are many apps for this, but the one I use is Insight Timer. There are guided meditations and timed meditations. Guided is easier to do at first, if you're just starting out. I will record some and post them on my website, or through my Instagram and Facebook.

Get physical — Keep your body fluid and flowing with movement. You can use yoga or exercise videos at home, dance, walks, stretching, anything to keep fluid and keep the stress from nestling into one place.

Create — Get into flow with creation. Paint, draw, write, play an instrument, sing, dance. These are not only great ways to move energy and release stress, but they also get you in touch with your intuition and grounded balance. Not to mention lifting the mood!

Nature — This one will be crucial. With more isolation, you need to get fresh prana (the life-force energy we are all made of) from the air, the trees and the sun. We get this everyday without thinking about it, but with isolation we may forget how important it is and how much the lack of it affects our mental state.

Connection — Stay connected to your people. This may be the best gift of your life that you have time and desire to have actual phone calls again. What a concept! Have conversations with your people and stay connected. I will be looking into transferring my monthly women's circle to Zoom so we can continue to stay engaged. And now those of you that live abroad can join.

Drink lots of water - We are energy beings and water conducts energy. Stay hydrated to help keep your cells refreshed and clean energy moving through you.

We've got this, y'all. Getting real with yourself, and who's been in there all this time. No distractions left to avoid finding out. Take it as a challenge and a gift. You ARE love. 💚

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