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Allowing Love

Updated: May 6, 2020

We can all take a big sigh after the firehose of energy last month. It has come in and filled up the space around us, so this month will be more like a bath, soaking up all the good nutrients around us and fortifying us for the journey forward.

Love, light, energy — it's a mystery, but for some reason those things seem hard to take in. Maybe it's just me, but that's been my experience. We hold ourselves back from crying, from melting into love, from allowing ourselves to take in the beauty and purity of love, even when it's freely offered. Maybe we're afraid if we accept it, for fear the well will dry up and we'll never receive again. Or maybe we're afraid if we get something/someone we want, then we'll immediately lose it because we couldn't possibly deserve it, or life couldn't possibly be that abundant. Regardless the reason, this feeling of pushing against receiving it only makes things more painful. We shut ourselves off when we do that, and instead of protecting ourselves from lose, pain, fear, we end up caging ourselves and keeping the good out too.

After the firehose last month, which I think was here to help us wake up and push past our resistance, we now get to soak in a comfortable bath. We get to become familiar with that energy, that love, that abundance from a more up-close-and-personal perspective which gives us time to soften and notice that it's all ok; we don't have to fear abundance because it's our divine right as spiritual beings having a human experience. With this up close perspective, it gives us time also to notice what's been in the way of us receiving. What barriers have we put in place to keep us safe that may not be serving us anymore. It can be really tough to look at the ways we have shut ourselves off because we have to revisit the pain that caused it in the first place. But I promise, the visit will be worth your while. When you revisit those things, they get aerated, which lets new light and love in from the place and person you are now, AND that love and light helps to heal the old wound as well. A win on both sides. You get to allow it air and love to heal, but you also get to love yourself a little more having witnessed what was so scary and painful from the past that you may have a new perspective on now that you are older and wiser. Either way, it will get lighter from the sweet attention it has been paid.

Another thing I want to note — allowing others to change. So as much as many of you reading are likely to be aware of your "stuff", and willing to dive into it, or you wouldn't be reading something like this. There's also the subject of others changing as well. Don't be surprised, even allow yourself to expect others to change and soften as well. Regardless of how aware someone is or not, we are all steeped in this same energy and it's breaking down our barriers slowly but surely. A conversation you never thought you could have had with a loved one, or former friend even, may just pop up and surprise you. Give them a chance, as you would also want a chance to change, grow, shift, and offer an whole new being to the world and to your relationship to self and other.

I hope it's a peaceful month of soft and gentle growing, basking in the energy and support that it's all ok. You are ok. You are loved. You are whole.

All my love, Heidi

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