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Uranus in the planet of outside the box thinking, new perspective, lightbulb moments, sudden inspiration, the unexpected, snap-out-of-it energy, freedom, awakening, rebirth, rebellion, individuation. It is the higher octave of Mercury.


Use this blend when needing to change things up, to shift out of the mundane, and radicalize your current space. 


These blends are designed to be used in multiple ways. Helpful during Uranus transits, when needing the energy of that planet, or when balancing the opposite energy (stuck in routine). Uranus is also considered the modern ruling planet or Aquarius. 


Ingredients: coconut oil, copaiba, frankincense, idaho blue spruce, vetiver, lavender, peppermint, palo santo, valerian, rue, cedarwood, blue cypress

Uranus Oil Blend

  • No returns or exchanges, but please contact me if you have problems with any order. 

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