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The Throat Chakra is all about VOICE and expression. What better way to get your voice, than to sing! As with yoga: if you can hold a difficult pose on the mat, you can hold a difficult pose out in the world. So it is with chanting: if you can find your voice in mantra, you can find your voice in life. The Throat Chakra expresses the creative fire that was built in the Sacral Chakra. So let it out! Clean and open your expressive channel!


Rama (or Vishnu), Lord of the Universe. Bolo which means to sing. So this translates to: sing to the lord of the universe. 


Chant 108 times for 40 days. The recording repeats the mantra 108 times, making it easy to follow along.


I shorted the full chant to make it an easier pass around the mala beads. If you'd like to add the extra lines, you will be singing to Sita and Hanuman as well. 


Rama Bolo Rama Bolo, Bolo Bolo Ram

Sita Bolo Sita Bolo, Bolo Bolo Ram

Hanuman Bolo Hanuman Bolo, Bolo Bolo Ram

Throat Chakra Chant — Rama Bolo

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