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Prehnite is a powerful stone for promoting balance in all areas of life, including physical, emotional, and spiritual. Prehnite can also help us gain clarity about our purpose on earth. One of the key benefits of prehnite is that it helps us connect with our intuition and access guidance from our Higher Self. It is used as a tool for prophecy and to gain access to the Akashic records.


This one features a turtle "guru bead", representing longevity, protection, and strength. As the turtle carries its home on its back, turtle invites us to slow down and remain connected to our inner home, and the ancient wisdom it is so familiar with. 


Each tassel is hand-tied to represent the earth, sun and moon joining together in unity, supported by the elements: earth, fire, air, water, and spirit. The end of the tassle is trimmed to symbolize cutting through the darkness and and letting go of impurities. 


Pair it with an audio file of one of my chants, a custom essential oil blend for the chakras or planets to make a great gift. 📿🎁

Prehnite Mala with Turtle

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