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The Heart Chakra is about love, honor, respect and balance. It is the chakra that bridges the lower and upper body, the lower and upper world, the earthly and spiritual realm. 


Use this blend when in need of compassion, understanding, right action, and love towards self and others. 


Ingredients: coconut oil, orange*, lavender, copaiba, spearmint, magnolia, rosemary, neroli, sweetgum, rose, bergamot*, vanilla, ylang ylang, frankincense.


Usage: apply to pulse points, back of the neck, inner forearms, or over the heart.


*Citrus oils increase photosensitivity. Exercise caution when in direct sunlight. 


An accompanying chant for this chakra is available on my wesbite at 

Heart Chakra Rollerball

  • No returns, cancellations or exchanges, but please contact me if you have problems with any order. 

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