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Scorpio is the sign of sex, death and taxes. It's the threshold of before and after. It's the letting go required to become something new. As the first cycle after the eclipse, it's cutting off the energy and saying, "we're done with that now, time to allow." Give yourself the space integrate. 


Sun is in Taurus, the sign of wealth, stability, the luxury of the body asking "are you honoring your feminine and taking the time to nourish yourself as you need?" 


Mercury is still retrograde until the 25th (integration complete on May 9) so we're in a redo space until that is complete. And Jupiter is conjunct Uranus so an expansive surprise energy is here too. Sudden lightbulb moments, accidents, uncertainty and upgrades in consciousness are present as well. 


This is great for anyone feeling the pressure of change and transformation, desiring to go deeper into communion with self, letting go of the past to allow the becoming of an more expansive version of you. 

Full Moon in Scorpio 4_23_34

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