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Aqua Terre Jasper meaning "water earth",  promotes inner peace, emotional healing, clarity, love, and compassion, eases worry, fear and depression. 


This one features an owl 🦉 "guru bead", adding a touch of wisdom and intuition to your spiritual practice. Think of owl's ablility to see clearly in the dark.


Each tassel is hand-tied to represent the earth, sun and moon joining together in unity, supported by the elements: earth, fire, air, water, and spirit. The end of the tassle is trimmed to symbolize cutting through the darkness and and letting go of impurities. 


Elevate your energy and deepen your spiritual connection with the soothing properties of this unique handmade crystal mala. 


Pair it with an audio file of one of my chants , a custom essential oil blend for the chakras or planets to make a great gift. 📿🎁

Aqua Terre Jasper Mala with Owl

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