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40-day Learn-to-Chant Challenge

Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


It is an opportunity to learn, heal and grow, diving into a deep communion with inner aspects of self. There are a myriad of ways to use this practice. You can use it in whatever way you feel called. Perhaps you want to use it simply as a 40-day challenge, to track your progress and stay accountable for showing up. Perhaps you want to learn how to chant, to learn about the difference aspects that can come up when you engage in a practice like this. Or perhaps you are going through a really challenging time and you need a handle to hold on to to get you through. There are so many facets of this practice that help with so many different things, it’s hard to identify what you specifically will receive. It’s a little bit like showing up at the door of sprit, knowing you need to be there, but not knowing entirely what you will learn, or maybe even why you’re there. Will this have an impact at all? Or could it be so profound that you are an entirely different person on the other side. What I can promise is that change will happen if you’re willing to stick with it. My own experience is evidence of this. I look forward to meeting you in the course. This course is adapted from my course on Insight Timer with the same title. If you have the paid version of Insight Timer you can access this course for free. If you do not, or would rather access it here and download the files, I've made it accessible here as well.

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