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Hello Powerful Women!

Come join me as we gather in sacred circle to connect, share, support, find our voices, and tune in to our deepest wisdom.

It’s two hours of heart love just for YOU.

And as we know, when women gather, shit gets done.


Cost is $20

Space is limited to 12. Please pre-register.

Hello Creatives!


Intuitive Collage is like doing a tarot reading for yourself with art. You'll ask a question and be guided to the answer with what unfolds in front of you. It's wild!


No art experience necessary;

Just supplies and an open mind. 

What you'll need:

Magazine tear sheets
Glue stick

Oracle desk (if you have one)

Cost is $20

Space is limited to 12. Please pre-register.

Vision Board Insta.png

Hello Dreamers!


Come join us for a Vision Board Workshop designed to channel your subconscious dreams onto the page.


If you've joined for Intuitive Collage, this is a different format. For this one, we'll select our images by choice while allowing our subconscious to speak to us. 

What you'll end with is the story of who you're becoming.

Supplies needed:

Foam Board (or some larger format paper)



Glue Stick


Cost is $10

Please register to receive the link. 

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