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Sandalwood beads are said to stimulate the base chakra enhancings trust, identity, and life force energy.  The soothing aroma of the sandalwood diminishes negative energies and allows the mind to unwind, making it perfect for meditation and everyday wear.


This one features a lotus fish "guru bead", sybolizing strength, beauty,  overcoming obstacles and reaching higher goals. 


Each tassel is hand-tied to represent the earth, sun and moon joining together in unity, supported by the elements: earth, fire, air, water, and spirit. The end of the tassle is trimmed to symbolize cutting through the darkness and and letting go of impurities. 


Pair it with an audio file of one of my chants, a custom essential oil blend for the chakras or planets to make a great gift. 📿🎁

Sandalwood Mala with Lotus Fish

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