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Ideas, Mind, Inspiration & Clarity


New Moon in Gemini brings thought. 

It's ruled by Mercury, so it can be chaotic, but also informative. 


Now that we've arrived in a new energy (New Moon in Aries), and grounded what we want and need to accomplish what we're here to do (New Moon in Taurus), we welcome thoughts, ideas and  inspiration to get the job done. Gemini is activating. It's a spark of magic. That lightbulb moment we need to inspire us into the new right thing. 


We have to ground and channel it, 

so it doesn't get wasted.


It's time to “get out your sharp pencil” as my English teacher use to say. 


Let the inspiration carry you away, but then write it down 

so you don't lose the magic and beauty of  it.


You can't get it done if it floats off with the wind. 


Gemini is an air sign. Great for movement, 

also great for overwhelm, chaotic thinking and ADHD gone rogue.

 It must be anchored to be used properly.


Join the ceremony for more juicy bits and a beautiful group healing experience. 

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New Moon in Gemini 6_6_2024

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