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Full Moon in Sagittarius brings expansion. It's ruled by Jupiter, so it wants to go ALL the way.


Now that we've assessed the roots and foundation of the thing we are becoming (New Moon in Taurus), where do you desire to go?


Allow yourself to be big and broad here. Envision all the way into it. Let your mind envision it, and your heart fuel it. They'll be time for anchoring it into something later (New Moon in Capricorn), for now, let the wild expanse take you away in vision. Stare out the window, or go into meditation and let the movie play out on the screen of your third eye.


You can only create what you can envision, and what you believe you can be and have. So let it be BIG. As a teacher of mine once said, "Create the highest, grandest vision possible of your life, because you will become what you believe." 

Full Moon in Sagittarius 5_23_24

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