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The Great Mystery

Welcome to the Wild West of September. This one is so bizarre, it feels like it continues to unfold, as the great mystery does, moment to moment without knowing when or how it will end. The first image I was shown was concentric circles. If you don't know what that is, look up some images to help bring it into view. I couldn't find any for the image this month that worked, so a dream catcher it is, which will make sense soon enough. Concentric circles connect us to mystery, the esoteric in the mundane. The way chakras and music notes, mathematics and sacred geometry all overlap, have meaning, and speak to and through each other, and yet, leave us swimming in mystery. It's the known that can only be found within the unknown. The way a thing can only be understood by first misunderstanding it, becoming confused, giving up (a way of surrendering to the unknown), and then suddenly and without warning, the known comes into view — in its own time, and only because you let go of knowing. Much like this months report has been for me.

We are swimming in esoteric teaching. The mystery. The way a thing can not be known by rushing to know it. The moment we try to put words to it, it dissolves in our hands like sand falling to the ground and we hold nothing. It's nothing and everything in the same moment, in the same teaching. The way an oracle reading continues to teach us over time, unfolding from the mystery, only by giving it time to do so. And where does the teaching come from anyway? When I was first shown this image, all I could see was stair stepping between the circles of a spiral moving up into space. I've seen this image in Spirit Readings and Intuitive Healing Sessions with people who have danced between timelines, the way that we meet the same people again and again across different lifetimes, some people doing that in a single lifetime, which is nearly impossible to explain, and yet I've seen it to be true. As I saw this image and tried to lean towards it to understand more, it would disappear, or dissolve, or give nothing else. Almost as if a joke to let me know, yet again, I'm not in charge of timing. Just because it's September 1, doesn't mean I get to see it clearly. It plays with us, almost to capture our attention, or to frustrate us to the point of letting go.

I was really surprised to see that another GREAT showed up. I thought we were done with that after three in a row, and aren't the stages of the tantrum: Purge, Release, Surrender done? I thought it was, and so now I want it to be so. My own ego doing its work. But alas, we have fallen into the mystery of nothing, no-thing. And maybe that's the reason for the tantrum in the first place — to bring us to exhaustion with the old way, so that we are weak and weary, willing to listen and learn, to get off the hamster wheel of knowing, to let go of ego, so we can be gobsmacked with all that we missed in our pursuit of knowing and being right. What is it with being right that we need so much? Why are we so afraid of the mystery, of not knowing? We will do anything to fill in the blanks with some story, any story, so long as it is not emptiness. But we need emptiness to know wholeness, just as we need fear in order to know love, darkness in order to know light, untruth in order to know truth, masculine in order to know feminine. Emptiness is a gift. It is where the wholeness begins. Creation comes from no-thing, and becomes some-thing, only to become no-thing again. The cycle of life, death and rebirth.

A quote came this month that helps to define what I'm talking about. The first law of thermodynamics from Albert Einstein states "Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another." With that in mind, what beliefs do you hold true that don't stand up in the face of this mysterious statement? It's time to really dig deep and question your beliefs, because they have grave impact on your life and the life of those around you. Whatever you are carrying in your field gets off-gassed to those around you, and it may not be carrying a message you mean to send. Those masks we wear to protect others from seeing who we are truly are, or to protect ourselves from being seen? They are a complete waste because people see right through us all the time, and they see the mask too, so it just becomes nonsense. Lies being passed around as truths.

The second image I was shown was the toroidal field of the human body. If you're not familiar with that, "it's worth a Google." (Zach Galifianakis in the The Campaign). It is the electromagnetic field of the heart that extends out 8 feet around you in the shape of a donut. It's why and how we can effect people around us without ever communicating. Our heart is always communicating. This is an example of the type of truths I'm talking about being revealed. The mystery and the magic that is present this month. If you were to look at concentric circles as one or two dimensional, then you might miss the third, fourth, fifth dimensional possibilities. If you don't see the possibilities, you may miss the whole story. This is the level of info coming for us this month. The hidden meaning in things that is always present, but without looking, questioning, investigating, it's totally possible to miss it.

This is the energy of the month. It is wild and circuitous. It's almost difficult to describe or to put words to at all. It's subtle. It's nothing and everything at the same time. It's something so simple and subtle that without investigating further you might not even realize what's happening to your mind, your beliefs, your heart. And these beliefs change your actions, which is much more concerning. I've been watching Outlander recently, which I highly recommend if you haven't seen it. Without spoiling it, I'll give a brief example of beliefs and their effect on actions. There is one group of people that believe an action taken was to bless water and another group that thought that same action was intended to curse the water. A harmful action gets taken by the ones who believed it was a curse, when in fact, it was intended as a blessing. So you see how subtle and simple this can get. It's almost in the realm of mind control, or mind out of control.

So here is where the dream catcher comes into play. Like concentric circles, the toroidal field, and mandalas, dream catchers are teachers. In all of these examples, there is a container, the circle, and most of what's inside the circle is emptiness. A dream catcher has a border of some-thing, a container, with skinny string woven back and forth from one side to the other, weaving together polar opposites, that brings our attention to the center of no-thing. And so it's both. We must weave together both sides of ourselves, of all the divided debates, of the masculine and feminine, of some-thing and no-thing, to include it all. To allow ourselves to be in not knowing long enough to know. And as we use the image of the dream catcher this month, ask yourselves, what intention are you placing at the center? Is it a dream or a nightmare you are creating? If you hold too tightly to what you think you "know," than you may never get to something bigger, or as Glennon Doyle says, to create "a truer more beautiful life." Let yourself be wowed this month. Let yourself be turned upside down and inside out to find the truths laying dormant beneath your awareness. Let yourself rest in not knowing.

Things to focus on this month —

Meditate On Circles — Use the image of the dream catcher, or mandalas, or concentric circles, or spirals, or the toroidal field. Stare at it for 5-10 minutes. What mystery begins to unfold. I did this at a shamanic retreat once. We gazed at a mandala for quite a while and were then told to go look in nature for this image. It was impossible NOT to find it. It was EVERYWHERE, in every tree, every flower, every plant, the sun, the solar system, our bodies, it just went on forever.

Practice Not Knowing — Give yourself permission to say "I don't know," and rest in that. Let yourself put it down, let it go, and see what happens.

Dive Deeper — If you want to go down a rabbit hole of this teaching, my husband shared with me a beautiful Zen koan called "not knowing is most intimate." I shared with him what I was struggling to explain this month, which I don't normally do. I typically work on it alone, without help or external input, to keep the channel clean. But as it was so out there this month, I needed to verbalize it to understand it, and also had to put it down overnight. And then he shares this story with me, which itself was most intimate. To be seen in that way, understood even, through the gift of not knowing, I experienced an intimacy with him and with myself. Through his seeing, I was able to see clearer. Through my not knowing, I was able to know more.

Oil of the Month — Dream Catcher, of course! This is the most delicious oil besides. It's a mix of woodsy trees and something sweet you can't quite put your finger on — the mystery!

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