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Wild Sisterhood Mentorship

This 9-month online mentorship program is a journey of self-empowerment as we reclaim and reintegrate the lost parts of ourselves that keep us feeling separate and unfulfilled.


Women are the birthers. Birthers of ideas, of children, of physical and psychic worlds. Women also live in a world that has taught them to care for, and focus on, the tending of others over all else. We have been taught that our gifts are to be used only for the benefit of others, and as we fall prey to this belief, not only do we become angry, but


worlds upon worlds get stored in our bellies

and never make it earth side. 


The Wild Sisterhood is about finding those abandoned or dormant parts of self and bringing them out into the world. It's about healing the divide within, the rejection we make of ourselves. It’s about witnessing and being witnessed, allowing what has been stored to be revealed. It’s about releasing our deepest, unspoken desires and letting them be birthed into the world. Maybe this is an idea, a business, a new version of self, some deep desire that scratches at you from beneath your skin. A fire that is desperate to rage and to be allowed space to run wild. A primal urge in need of exploration. 


This 9-month Mentorship Program takes us through the seasons. We'll begin in Fall, letting go of what no longer serves. We'll move to Winter, tending to and nourishing our roots. And finally we arrive at Spring, where new versions of self will start to appear. We finish in May with an in-person retreat, closing the gap of an online program and bringing us into deeper communion with each other. 


Fueled with the power and insight of Lion medicine, there is a leadership thread that runs through this program. As such, each participant will help co-lead the final retreat with an offering of their choosing, one that can be honored and witnessed by the group. This is how we heal the broken container of sisters at war with one another, fighting and competing to be seen. Everyone belongs. Everyone gets a voice. Everyone is equal without the measuring of gifts. 

Lion Medicine is here to teach us:



Inspired Action

Divine Timing

Personal Rhythm

Deep Rest

Healing Our “Moon Wound”





and much more…


As I have said many times: when women gather, shit gets done. The innate wisdom of women, and the mother, knows how to witness, commune, learn, heal, grow, share and collaborate, we just need a container in which to do it. 

There is a group aspect to the program, but this is really about you unearthing and birthing of your own unique rhythm, timing, vibration and magic so those can be revealed. We do this in the safe container of a small group first, so bringing them out into the larger world is made easier.

What's Included:


Saturday Sessions 10am — 2pm PT online:

Sept 9, Oct 7, Nov 4, Dec 9, Jan 6, Feb 3, March 2, April 13, May 2-5 (retreat)

Two intuitive healing sessions individually scheduled

Retreat weekend (food, transportation and lodging not included)

A private online platform to connect between gatherings

If you feel the roar of the lioness calling, apply below or reach out with any questions.


Application deadline: September 8.

A note on zoom — As the world rapidly changes, we are being called to move to new locations, and asked to activate our light wherever we find ourselves. It is no longer the case that our "tribe" is necessarily in the same physical location as we are. Offering this community on zoom makes it possible for our world to expand, and to connect us with sisters we would otherwise not have the opportunity to meet. 
Wild Moon
Image by malith d karunarathne

Wild Moon Community

Moon Lovers / $33

Moon Lovers + Events / $88

Wild Moon Community is a private online women's group for those that desire to move in rhythm with the moon's cycles each month, together. This is part of finding our flow, finding our uniqueness, and finding our WILD. 


new and full moon ceremonies

+ access to a private online community


new and full moon ceremonies

women's circle & intuitive collage

+ access to a private online community


Moon Ceremonies are an energy update, channel and group healing session that happens twice a month. These are available a la carte in the shop as well. Use code NEWBIE at check out to receive your first one FREE. 


Women's Circle and Intuitive Collage are live events that can be joined individually in the Events section below as well. 

This is a great opportunity to gain access to all of my individual offerings at a discounted price, and to be in community with other moon lovers. Sign up for my newsletter to receive event reminders. 

Image by Ginny Rose Stewart


price determined per class

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